curl secret by conair reviews

Curl Secret by Conair Reviews

I am entirely blown away with how well Curl Secret curls my hair. This automatic tool takes the guess work out of how long I am really holding my hair on the barrel as well as keeps my section sizes in check. I am finding myself seeing to it the areas have to do with 1 inch prior to laying them across the hair guide.  With other curling irons I get tired or careless and start getting rather large pieces of hair and running them through the tool.


Later on I would regret my laziness because the curls would just fallout. This is the start of the second day after I have used the tool. My hair still has a beautiful wave in it. I have read a lot of Conair curl secret reviews that say how great this hair curling tool is but I was always very skeptical. Now I believe the hype. I am in love with these curls!!!


I have been utilizing this Curler for 2 weeks now and it works excellent up until now. It really holds the curl with no hair spray or product (this is the first curler that I have actually utilized that really holds the curl as compared to other hair tools I have used previously. If you comb your hair then it turns the tight curls in to beautiful waves.
and keeps it for days and if your comb your curls you will certainly have nice waves till you wash your hair (I normally do so every 4 to 5 days). Easy to deal with, saves you half the time. I feel like I have actually attempted everything possible to curl my hair. I understood that if the curls weren’t correctly done in the very first place, no amount of spray would help them stay in place. Well this thing works.


I have fairly thin hair and it is pin straight. The Conair Curl Secret did a terrific task at curling it and what’s interesting is that the curls actually remained in location for the entire day! Towards completion of the night they had actually significantly loosened but that’s to be anticipated with my hair, and I think the loose curls look much better as soon as they have actually fallen a bit anyway.


You can read an insightful conair curl secret review here:

curl secret by conair reviews

The Best Dryers part 2

Part two of this article and another two great hair dryers.


First we have the SOlanO haIr dryeR. One of the most popular models is the super range and there are many things that I like about this blow dryer. It has lots of practical things like a really long power cord so that you don’t trip over it. The super Solano also has two speed and three temp settings which includes cold shot. The cold shot is great if you are prone to fizzy hair. The produce the perfect flow of air which allows you to dry your hair quickly and efficiently. Basically this is a professional salon hair dryer that is available to the public.


Last but certainly not least in this feature we have the Elchim hair dryer. Elchim specialise in high end professional models. A popular dryer is the 2000 watt classic which comes in a variety of different colors and includes features like a light but high pressure air flow which will not overheat and damage your hair. You can also get accessories for the different models like diffusers. Elchim produce high quality products so not only do they work well, but they should last you a long time.


So there you have it, three great companies to choose from. It is good to know that there are so many high quality hair dryers out there to choose from.

Best Dryers Part One

Babyliss hair dryer


It can be hard to figure out what the best hair dryers available on the market are so I decided to write about three different companies who make good quality hair dryers.


Probably the most well-known and popular companies in the market today is Babyliss. They have lots of different models available with different budgets in mind. A popular BabylisS HAir dryer is the Tourmaline Titanium 3000. It is exceptionally lightweight and combines the perfect heat and air pressure. One user with thick long wavy hair loved the soft and silky feel the dryer gave her hair after using it. However, if you have the money, the GHD hair dryer is awesome. Read this GHD air hair dryer review to see what we mean.


One of their cheapest models is the compact dryer which is perfect for taking on holiday.  It feels really light so you can hold it longer than normal and even comes with a cool shot button. Although it is small and economical it is very effective at drying hair quickly and efficiently.


The BAB5572 Ceramix Xtreme Dryer is a cheaper model but with professional features. This Babyliss dryer  is quiet, dries hair very rapidly and is lightweight. The only downside is that it has a short cord compared to other models.

Big Brush on Cloud Nine

I wanted to write a quick post about two products I have been using recently.

Big hair style

When is a brush not just a brush? When it’s a hair dryer and brush combined all into one! I wanted to add some volume to my hair Kate Middleton style and although I own a very good hair straightener I wanted something that I could use everyday without damaging my hair. I’ve been a bit worried about using my flat iron too much and burning it out so decided to use it only once or twice a week and then use something else instead. Anyway, after asking a friend of mine how she got her hair looking so nice, she told me about the Babyliss big hair rotating brush. It pretty much does what you would expect from using a blow dryer and hair brush together but it makes the job easier. You see, because the two are combined you only need to hold it in one hand and direct your hair in the other. When your arm starts to ache you can switch hands thus making the job a lot faster. I now use the Babyliss big hair styler during the week to give my hair volume and I am happy with the results.


kiss my straightener


I love this straightener

Last but not least, I want to talk about my Cloud 9 Straighteners. I have mentioned them before on this blog when they won an award. I was a big fan of the old style GHD straighteners from a good few years ago. I had them for a long time and was quite upset when they finally died. I nearly rushed out and bought a replacement straight away but at the last minute thought I should double check the reviews to see what they said about the latest GHD irons. Although they still got good reviews, imagine my surprise when old school owners like myself were complaining bitterly that they were nowhere near as good as the previous model. Fortunately after reading more reviews I noticed that cloud nine straighteners were being mentioned a lot and people were saying that they were a lot like the old GHD model. It turns out that they were started by people who used to work for GHD. I’ve had my cloud nine flat irons for a few months now and although they are not exactly the same they are actually better than my previous straightener, so if you are in the market for a new straightener then you should definitely check this out.

Hair Straightener Awards 2013

And the Best Straightener Award Goes To …

cloud 9 wide


There are a lot of reviews about the best straighteners on the internet but not all of them are helpful. That is why awards from well-known magazines and blogs in the hair and beauty industry can help. Well in March 2013 Hair magazine awarded its prize for best flat iron to one the wide Cloud 9  model. This will come as no surprise to many because the people that own this hair iron absolutely rave about how great it is.


Cloud nine hair straighteners C9 touch have not been around very long so it may come as a surprise to see them win awards so quickly. However, the owner of the company used to be heavily involved with GHD so actually has years of experience in the flat iron industry. If you do not like the new GHD design then may prefer Cloud Nine irons because they have a similar feel and functionality to them.


If you have thick hair that is either has long layers or is really wavy then these are the straighteners for you. The wider irons allow you to straighten more hair at once meaning that you can get the job done a lot faster than if you were using a regular sized iron.

Another product worth a mention is the Babyliss Big Hair rotating styler which just missed out on an award. The fact that it did not win anything surprised many of the influential people within the beauty industry. However, this product is very popular with consumers and selling well so I am sure that Babyliss were not too disappointed.

Facts about Blow Dryers

5 Interesting facts about Hair Dryers


  1. The first ever blow dryer was created in 1890 by Frenchman Alex Godefroy but the first dryer to become available to use in the home did not appear until 1920. It was patented in America in 1911.
  2. In 2007 a survey of hair dryers determined that most hair dryers use ceramic heating elements because of their instant heat ability.
  3. The mechanics of the hairdryer has not changed since its inception. However in the 1960s the big development was making blow dryers out of plastic which reduced their weight considerably. Most changes these days are focused on the aesthetics and increasing the wattage.
  4.  Using a blow dryer on hair infected with head lice has been mentioned as an effective way of treating them.
  5.  A recent addition to modern hair dryers is the ability to blow cool air as well as hot air. Apparently this reduces the chance of your hair getting frizzy and adds extra shine. High end models are also introducing touch screen technology and multiple settings to improve overall performance.
  6. The Chi touCh drYer is the first blow dryer on the market to have touch screen controls.


blow dryer